OnPoint Credit Card
OnPoint Credit Card

OnPoint Credit Card: Review of Platinum Visa Credit Card

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OnPoint credit card (Filing Bankruptcy on Credit Cards: The Last Resort. Read more ... ») from Union gives two versions of their Platinum (Best Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit: The Many Providers. Read more ... ») Visa card to their members. This OnPoint Platinum Visa has two versions: a standard credit card and rewards card. The features of this card have some future such as no annual fee, no transaction (Best Arab Arab Vixens Videos Vixens. Read more ... ») fees for balance transfer and cash advances and low APRs.

However, the special thing you may get from the reward (Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fee: The Limitless Options. Read more ... ») card is to earn points for everyday purchase (Quiktrip Credit Card: Taking the Benefits. Read more ... ») that can be saved for travel merchandise. Both of the cards will give you same benefit (Cigna Healthspring Insurance: The Advantages. Read more ... ») and two of them will give you good choice for cardholders who deficiency to transfer from a high-interest card or use their card to carry a balance or make honors.


Since there are two versions of the OnPoint credit card from Union offering two version of their Platinum Visa Card: the regular version and the reward version. The regular has low APR features while the platinum will allow the cardholders to earn a point on every purchase they were done. This point can change with merchandise, travel, and more. Both of them are good credit card because it keeps cost low while offering a number of benefits (TCF Credit Card: The Benefits to Enjoy. Read more ... ») .

How the cards work

While you choose OnPoint credit card from Union which is Platinum Visa Card. This card is assumed in the worldwide and can give cardholders 25 day grace period to give their balance in full and avoid interest charges. A balance transfer and purchases are offered in the beginning.

Furthermore, the OnPoint credit card is allowing them to save money by transferring balances from the high-interest credit card. However, there is a penalty for the APR about 17.9% to the balance of the money paid is lately more than 60 days or there is one payment (Chapter 13 Payments Too High: Other Alternatives. Read more ... ») that has been late for 12 month period for both OnPoint credit card versions.