SAW Credit Card
SAW Credit Card

SAW Credit Card: The Main Function and Useful Rewards

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Having the SAW credit card (Profit You Will Get from Personal Loans No Credit Check Monthly Payment. Read more ... ») can help you save up money for your flight fare as well as giving you chances to win rewards, points, and even gift cards (Reloadable Credit Card: The Major Differences. Read more ... ») . Instead of spending (Cash Back on a Credit Card: Benefiting Yourself. Read more ... ») a lot of money with the regular credit card, this one can be handy when you find yourself spending your time traveling quite a lot.

SAW Credit Card: About the Card and Service

SAW is short for Southwest Airlines, which is one of the flight services in America. It means that the SAW credit card can be used to help you purchase (Quiktrip Credit Card: Taking the Benefits. Read more ... ») plane tickets (Mileage Plus Credit Card: The Cards for Flight Fare. Read more ... ») while enjoying your flights. There are different types of SAW cards, like Premier (Citigroup Credit Card: What Options You Have. Read more ... ») Rapid Rewards, Business Card, and Plus card. Each one of them has their own benefits (TCF Credit Card: The Benefits to Enjoy. Read more ... ») and perks.

What can you expect from each of these SAW credit card options?

  • Premier Card. For every $1 you spend, you can enjoy 2 points – applicable for car rental and hotel partners, as well as flights. For every $1 you spend for different kinds of buying, you get another 1 point. You can also enjoy 6000-anniversary points after the anniversary of the card member. Aside from the advantage of getting 3% on international buying, you don’t have to deal with foreign (Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fee: The Limitless Options. Read more ... ») transaction (Caregiver Payment by the State or Gov. Read more ... ») fee either.
  • Plus Card. Just like Premier Card, you can get 2 points on flight and hotel and 1 point for other buying. You can get 3000-anniversary points
  • Business Card. The point system is the just same as the previous cards. You can enjoy the so called employee cards where you get points for employee purchase.

There are other general benefits to expect, such as personalized alerts that you can use in the event that your bill is due or you can add another legit and authorized users that can gain access to your credit card. You will find this SAW credit card quite handy for your traveling needs.